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A Blaze refers to the weapon manifested from the soul. The Astar mark appears on a Exceed's chest which helps them summon their blaze.


After being injected by 《Lukifer》, the so called nanobots will empower a person's body. They will undergo physical and mental changes. As a result, their "soul" will materialize into a weapon, which is called a Blaze.

However, the choice of a blaze does have some restrictions:

  • Blazes are formed from a desire or wish, such as revenge or hope for others.
  • They are almost always a weapon. Though an exception is Tooru's shield.
  • They are derived from simple weapons. Though Lilith's rifle is an exception.


While blazes do indeed often manifest as weapons, they are naturally incapable of doing any physical damage. However, they do damage to the opponent's soul, which does result in physical pain. Thus, the only way to win a battle normally (under school conditions) is to deal enough damage to the opponent's soul in order to cause he or she to capitulate.

However, under abnormal circumstances, it is possible to do physical damage. Revealed by Rito Tsukimi, a blaze manifested with a killing intent will do damage to the body.

In addition, since blazes are created from one's soul, they are still connected to the user's soul. This implies that if one were to break a blaze in battle, it would cause a significant amount of damage to the user's soul, which causes that user to be unconscious and won’t wake up for at least a whole day (which often does enough damage to result in victory).


The injection of 《Lukifer》, which grants a person's soul the ability to manifest a blaze, comes at different levels. All students begin at level I and rank up from there. To increase levels, one must further develop his/her physical skills to meet requirements. However, the reward is welcomed, as it further transcends the user's physical statistics. Although everything needed to level up until level III is physical ability enhancement, But in order to Level IV and above mental strength enhancement is needed. However, at level <<IV>>, the level allows the user to achieve and know the true power of blazes, which has been demonstrated by Tsukimi on the island of the Kouryou Academy Branch.