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Edward Walker
Edward walker1.png
Gender Male
Nicknames ≪Equipment Smith≫
Hair Color White
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Media Debut
Anime Episode 7
Japanese Voice Tomomichi Nishimura
English Voice Kent Williams

Edward Walker also known as ≪Equipment Smith≫ is one of the antagonists of the Absolute Duo.


Edward is described as a lean old man dressed in white clothing and the color of the base of his white hair could not be defined but, judging from his blue eyes and tall nose, he could be guessed that he was a westerner.


Edward initially appears as a gentle and intelligent elderly man at first glance. However it becomes apparent that he is manipulative and cold-hearted, going as far as to trick Miyabi into accepting a Unit under the impression that giving her power would help her win Tooru's heart. In reality, he only wanted to use her in order to prove his Units as being a superior tool in unlocking a person's potential, compared to the ≪Lucifer≫ research that Sakuya inherited from her grandfather.

Like Sakuya , Edward wishes to find the Absolute Duo. However he believes that Sakuya's method of nurturing students in a regular school-like environment is a "sin", and that his Units are a much more effective method in achieving their goal. It is later revealed in Volume 4 that Edward knows Sakuya's grandfather, as well as Lilith's family, and hates both. The Tsukumo family for exceeding his research, and the Bristol family for leaving him to search for another path.


His real name is Edward Walker. He is the creator of the "Units".