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Episode 10
Kanji/Kana 七芒夜会
Rōmaji Nana susuki yakai
Air Date March 8, 2015
Chapter(s) Volume 3: Chapter 6-7
Story Arc
Opening Absolute Soul
Ending 2/2
Rebels Killing Game
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Reign Conference (七芒夜会/レイン・カンファレンス, Nana susuki yakai/Reinkanfarensu) is the tenth episode of the anime adaptation of Absolute Duo.


In the ruins of the facility, Tooru and his friends are searching for a missing Miyabi, only to be stopped by Rito who tells the students that they had to leave the island. Despite Tomoe's and Tooru's plea to stay in for their search, the rabbit teacher tells them that it was under the headmistress orders, forcing them aboard the ship and leave the island. Two days have passed since the incident, Tooru senses something different about Tomoe even her discipline remains unchanged, though only Lilith seeing Tomoe's upset reaction over Miyabi's disappearance while passing through the shower room. In the class, Tooru remarks over Rito's word about not to spread a word about Miyabi's disappearance, which winds up upsetting in his fellow classmates. At the same time, Lilith is cheering both Tooru and Tomoe up in the class before Julie also following suit.

At night, Tooru has a horrifying nightmare about K killing Miyabi and a tragedy about his late sister, which woke Julie up in the progress. Worries over her <<duo>>'s well being, Julie hugs Tooru in her arms to comfort him. In her office, to repay Tooru's rescue from the Rebels, Sakuya permits Tooru to undergo Level Four Rite of Sublimation but Tooru hesitated as he deems the reward is only for him, not his fellow friends. While claiming Tooru is special as an Unrivaled, the headmistress reminds Tooru that his motivation in entering the school is to obtain more power for his revenge. While about to accept Sakuya's reward, Tooru imagines his sadistic self before he tells Sakuya that he will not accept it. Nevertheless, Sakuya respects Tooru's decision before giving the Rite of Sublimation to him. However, she also warns him that the world is not kind enough to allow him to do as he pleased.

At the academy's courtyard, Lilith remarks about Sakuya's participation for the Reign Conference before meeting with Tooru and Julie, who are asking anything about <<Equipment Smith>>. Lilith explains to Tooru that <<Equipment Smith>>, whose real name is Edward Walker, is one of Reign's prominent members and the goal of this conference is about the <<Absolute Duo>>. After learning the truth, Tooru realized that the dangerous path of the <<Absolute Duo>> by claiming about gaining absolute power even if many people got hurt in the progress. However, even after learning the cruel truth, he tells Lilith that he refuses to admit it.

Meanwhile, all members of the Reign arrive in the conference room and the meeting commences with Edward's petition to join forces with every Reign member with his Rebel units. Of all members of the Reign however, Sakuya declines as she sarcastically claims that Edward is yielding a grudge against her grandfather who had once beaten him. Though infuriating over Sakuya's insult, Edward calmly retorts that he will be commencing the "Killing Game" in the academy to settle their feud, which Sakuya calmly accepts. The Killing Game begins as the Rebels entering the school via an airplane while K remarks that the "feast" of bloodshed begins.

In the evening, Tooru and his friends are confronting K and his Rebel members before a returning Miyabi enters the fray. While Tomoe is happy to see Miyabi, Lilith urges Tomoe to stop as she senses something wrong about her friend. Miyabi then reveals her new founded powers to everyone, much to Tooru's horror, before telling Tooru that she became stronger.


List of Characters in order of appearance:[]

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Difference Between Light Novel and Anime[]

  • In the light novel, Tooru is the first person to sense something strange about Miyabi. In the anime however, Lilith (who is also shocked to see Miyabi's unlikely hostility in the light novel version) instead discovers Miyabi's bizarre behavior.

Miscellaneous Trivia[]

  • Tomoe uses a saio-nage throw at Tooru during the beginning of the episode.