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Episode 11
Kanji/Kana 殺破遊戯
Rōmaji Yayabu yūgi
Air Date March 15, 2015
Chapter(s) Volume 4: Chapter 6
Story Arc
Opening Absolute Soul
Ending 2/2
Reign Conference Absolute Duo
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Killing Game (殺破遊戯/キリング・ゲーム, Yayabu yūgi/Kiringugēmu) is the eleventh episode of the anime adaption of Absolute Duo.


Having witnessed Miyabi's strange behavior and her power that defeats the securities with ease, Tooru asks K what they did to Miyabi which K replies as merely a "gift", the combined power of the <<Exceeds>> and <<Unit>>. Tomoe comes to Miyabi to protect her from K, only to be shocked as Miyabi hurts her, she also learned from Lilith over her brainwashing. Unable to stand K's mockery, Tooru is going to attack K but is instead confronted by Miyabi. Meanwhile during the Reign Conference, <<Equipment Smith>> is gloating by telling Sakuya, who realized that he has been keeping an eye onto the girl who was desperately gaining Tooru's attention, that Miyabi is his best creation.

Elsewhere, Tomoe is confronting Miyabi despite suffering injuries from her beating. In an attempt to convince Miyabi to give up her destructive strength, she tells her friend that not even Tooru wishes to see her current state, causing Miyabi to snap and attack her. However, Tomoe tells Miyabi that she would be . Elsewhere, even learning Miyabi's freedom from the mind control, K proceeds to defeat the duo by hurting Julie, leading to Tooru's immediate rescue while suffering injuries from K's squad's gun shots.


List of Characters in order of appearance:

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Difference Between Light Novel and Anime

The gap between both anime and light novel are very distinctive. Among those are:

  • In the Light Novel, Lilith didn't know about Miyabi brainwashing until Tooru tells her. In the anime however, Lilith seemly acknowledges Miyabi brainwashing even before Tooru.
  • Instead of wearing causal clothes in the Light Novel, K is wearing his <<Unit>> uniform instead.
  • Even the battle against Miyabi itself is also different: In the Light Novel, Tooru battles against Miyabi while trying to convince her to stop on relying her fake power. In the anime, Tomoe takes his place in battling against Miyabi instead as her <<Duo>>.
    • In the Light Novel, Miyabi is struggling against her temptation in order to defend Tooru from her rampage, but later rescued by Tooru soon after she fell into to Tooru's arm. Contrasted in the anime, even when the ball is cracking by her emotion, Miyabi's denial continues as she refuses to let her power go before the later slapped by Tomoe.

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