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Kanji/Kana 特別
Rōmaji Tokubetsu
Air Date January 25, 2015
Chapter(s) Volume 2:Prologue - Chapter 3
Story Arc
Opening Absolute Soul
Ending Apple Tea no Aji
Avenger Level Up
List of Episodes

Exception (特別/エクセプション, Tokubetsu (Special)/Ekusepushon) is the fourth episode of the anime adaptation of Absolute Duo.


Being told that they're someone like her, Lilith Bristol travels to Japan in order to meet Tooru Kokonoe, because he is special just like her. Later on everyone gathers in the classroom where Tora and Tatsu thank Miyabi and Tomoe for helping them when they where injured. During the lesson, Tooru thinks about what Sakuya said before. But in the middle of the lesson, Lilith appears and tells Tooru to come with her, which annoys Rito. Lilith says that starting from now on Tooru will be her Duo partner, but Tooru explains that he already has a Duo partner and declines. Later Tooru asks Julie if she wants to go somewhere the next break and she says yes. By the time break has started Julie and Tooru are on their way to a mall that Miyabi recommended, but Miyabi told him that she already had plans with Tomoe. After buying clothes for Julie, they both eat ice cream while being watched by Tomoe and Miyabi. As they watch them a group of boys come by and begin to hit on Tomoe and Miyabi whilst telling them to come with them. Tomoe brushes the boys off and has Miyabi follow her until one of the boys grabs her hand causing Tomoe to slap his hand off of her. Before the boys can respond Tooru comes and says they're with him and if they touch them then he's the one they're going to have to deal with. As the situation escalates Lilith quickly comes behind them and knocks the boys out with her rifle and leaves. Tooru sees her and is surprised to find out that her blaze is a rifle.


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  • In one scene, when Rito Tsunami was teaching the class about the strength level, a Super Saiyan (from Dragon Ball Z) can be seen in the whiteboard behind her.
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