Level Up
Kanji/Kana 位階昇華
Rōmaji Ikai Shōka
Air Date February 1, 2015
Chapter(s) Volume 2: Chapter 4
Story Arc
Opening Absolute Soul
Ending Apple Tea no Aji
Exception Survival
List of Episodes

Level Up (位階昇華/レベルアップ, Ikai Shōka/Reberuappu) is fifth episode of the anime adaptation of Absolute Duo.

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After the events of the New Blade Battle, Tooru and his companions sublimate to level ≪II≫. Likewise, their stats had increased dramatically. Later, however, Tooru is forced to leave school with Lilith to go to New Death Land, an amusement park. In the end, Tooru declines her offer to be a ≪Duo≫ once again, and goes back to his dorm meeting up with Julie. Upset the following day, Lilith trespasses on the 2nd year's battles and defeats them all. She then challenges the entire 1st year class to her ≪Survive≫.

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