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Kanji/Kana 生存闘争
Rōmaji Seizon Tōsō
Air Date February 8, 2015
Chapter(s) Volume 2: Chapter 5 - Epilogue
Story Arc
Opening Absolute Soul
Ending Apple Tea no Aji
Level Up Silver-Blonde, Yellow Topaz
List of Episodes

Survival (生存闘争/サバイヴ, Seizon Tōsō/Sabaivu) is the sixth episode of anime adaptation of Absolute Duo.


Lilith quickly takes out everyone, leaving Tooru's group. After a well executed plan, Tooru's group manages to push Lilith into a corner. Then, a group of men in armor show up and shoot both Tooru and Lilith. They took Lilith with them, but before they could, Tooru broke the ground beneath them. Having defeated them, Tooru and Lilith faces off. In the next scene, Tooru is shown in the infirmary, surrounded by his friends, healing his wounds. Lilith comes in and after thanking him for rescuing her, kisses him and tells them that he is her future husband, to the shock of everyone.


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