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Silver-Blonde, Yellow Topaz
Kanji/Kana 銀色の髪, 黄金色の髪
シルバーブロンド イエロートパーズ
Rōmaji Gin Burondo, Kiiro no Topāzu
Shirubāburondo ierōtopāzu
Air Date February 8, 2015
Chapter(s) Volume 3: Prologue - Chapter 2
Story Arc
Opening Absolute Soul
Ending Apple Tea no Aji
Survival Selection
List of Episodes

Silver-Blonde, Yellow Topaz (銀色の髪, 黄金色の髪/シルバーブロンド イエロートパーズ Gin Burondo, Kiiro no Topāzu/Shirubāburondo ierōtopāzu) is the seventh episode of the Absolute Duo anime series.


On the way to the island for the training camp with a boat, Julie's laying at Tooru's lap because she is feeling bad. Later, Tora and Tatsu tells them that Rito wants to see them; she tells the students that they're going to swim from the boat to the island where the camping is. But Julie can't swim, so Tooru has to carry her. On their way, Lilith appears and jumps from the helicopter to play with Tooru, however, he tells her that there's no time to play, which Lilith agrees on. After reaching the island, Tooru is laying at the beach to rest after the long trip. Continuing to reach the camp, the three have to go trough the forest, however, some people attacked them - causing them to fight back. But what Tooru didn't expect is that he met someone he is familiar with; which is the lively Imari Nagakura, his opponent during the Kouryou Academy enrollment exam...


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