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An Exceed is an individual who refers to those who were given the biological enhancement by a nano machine called ≪Lucifer≫.


Exceeds are referred as existences that transcend humans. They are one in every one-thousand people, who has attained a body which surpasses the limits of a human, and the ability to manifest their soul into the weapon called Blaze.


  • Mikuni - A faculty of Kouryou Academy and Sakuya's personal guard. Known as the strongest Exceed, His blaze are 13 Stilettos which is floating around him. He is referred as an assassin type.
  • Tsukimi Rito - A level V exceed and a homeroom teacher in Kouryou Academy. Her blaze is a whipblade. Her blaze's special skill is called Ouroborus. Her blaze is called a destruction type.
  • Kokonoe Tooru -  Main protagonist of Absolute Duo. He is a level IV exceed, his blaze is a shield unlike other exceeds whose blaze often manifests as weapons. His blaze's special skill is called Aegis Desire. His blaze is called Irregular due to its nature.
  • Julie Sigtuna - She is one of the main characters of the series. She is a level III exceed. She is a girl with red eyes and silver hair. styled in twin tails who becomes Tooru Kokonoe partner at  Kouryou Academy
  • Lilith Bristol - She is one of the main characters of the series. Lilith is a transfer student from the British branch of Kouryou Academy. She is a level III, her blaze comes in the form of a rifle. She is called an Exception due to her blaze and her rich family.
  • Torasaki Aoi - He is a level III and the childhood friend of Tooru. His blaze is a katar. His duo partner is Tatsu.
  • Tachibana Tomoe -  She is a level III and Tooru's classmate who is a smart and talented student. Tomoe's blaze is a modified kusarigama with a sickle at one end and the other end having a sharp dagger like point. The chain is made up of individual shards that are not connected, but act as if they are.
  • Ryuutarou Tatsuno - A classmate of Tooru and a level II. He is Tora's duo partner. His blaze is a naginata.
  • Nagakura Imari - The girl that Tooru first met at the Entrance ceremony. She is a level II. Imari's blaze is a single sword, which she wields like a katana.
  • Hotaka Miyabi - Tomoe's duo partner and a level II. Miyabi's blaze is a heavy lance with a pyramid shaped head that has jagged edges along the base.
  • Kibitsu Momo -  A supporting character in the series and also a good friend to Miyabi. Kibitsu's blaze is a Western bow. She can manifest the shape of an arrow using her mental strength by having the blaze be the medium.
  • Miwa - An Exceed from the branch school and is also Imari's Duo. Her blaze come's in the form of Kunais.