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Imari Nagakura
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Imari Anime.png

Kanji 永倉 伊万里
Romaji Nagakura Imari
Gender Female
Hair Color Golden Brown
Eye Color Light Green
Blaze Sword
Personal Status
Affiliations Kouryou Academy Branch
Status Alive
Rank II
Duo Miwa
Country Japan
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 1
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Haruka Tomatsu
English Voice Michelle Rojas

Imari Nagakura is the girl that Tooru first met at the Entrance ceremony. They fought to know who would enter the Academy. After a few months, they both met each other again on an island, at a Kouryou Academy branch location.

Imari once told Miyabi that she became an Exceed because of the money she received as a student, so she could use it to help her parents and grandparents.


Imari has long brown hair that is usually tied up into a pony tail at the back with a light green ribbon. She has green eyes and fair skin, and has mostly been seen wearing the Kouryou Academy uniform ever since her debut. This comes, of course, with the exception of the beach story.


She is very energetic, lively, and cheerful. But also competitive when pushed. She becomes shy, and blushes when someone compliments her, especially when Tooru did. She almost always looks ahead to her goals.

She is more than a little selfless, proven when the class from Kouryou Academy's main branch were on the island, and she helped them to fight the Rebels, as well as her desire to help Miyabi confess her feelings to Tooru, despite her own feelings for him.


Imari Nagakure was Tooru Kokonoe's opponent during the Kouryou Academy enrollment exam. The Qualification Ceremony ended and after the losers left the auditorium, they got brought to the building grounds and were pressed with a choice. Although there were some rules, they would either transfer to a normal high school or transfer to the Kouryou academy branch school to become an 《Exceed》, but the environment would be harsh. Imari picked the path of the branch school without a second thought and was brought to an island. After 3 months of severe training and after she sublimated to 《II》 by the 《Sublimation ceremony》 last semester, she got told that the students from the main school were coming to visit the island for a seaside school. They received instructions of a 《Blaze Practice》. This meant hiding her identity and attacking Tooru, Julie, and Lilith.




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Her Blaze manifests as a curved one-sided ≪Sword≫, which she wields like a katana.


  • She's the first girl Tooru meets.
  • In the anime adaption, Tooru didn't compliment Imari like he did in the novel.
  • Her appearance resembles Yuuki Asuna from anime/manga Sword Art Online. Coincidentally, both characters are voiced by Tomatsu Haruka.
    • Tooru's actor, Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, also played Kirito, Asuna's love interest in Sword Art Online.