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Julie Sigtuna
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Julie Anime.png

Kanji ユリエ・シグトゥーナ
Romaji Yurie Shigutūna
Gender Female
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Ruby-Red
Blaze Sabers
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown Father
Unknown Mother
Affiliations Kouryou Academy
Status Alive
Rank "III"
Duo Tooru Kokonoe
Country Gimlé
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 1- Chapter 1 To This Shield----
Manga Prologue
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Nozomi Yamamoto
English Voice Bryn Apprill

Julie Sigtuna is the female protagonist of the Absolute Duo series. She is the princess from the European country called Gimlé.

The reason she came to Japan and Kouryou Academy is because she wants to get stronger to avenge her father's death, for this she seeks out Tor for help and to teach her his Final Move.


Julie is a very beautiful young girl. She is described by her peers as a doll, with her long silver hair coming down to her hips in a twin tail fashion and two black ribbon bells on each side. Her skin is very pale, described to be as white as snow, and she has ruby - red eyes. She turns heads every time she walks in public. It is very obvious that she does not know her own beauty. She wears a normal Kouryou Academy attire except when she's in the dorm with Tor, during which she wears a long-sleeved shirt which is her pajamas .


Julie comes off as reserved, moving gracefully and giving off an almost mysterious aura. Julie is also a bit shy and quiet. Despite this, she seemed to show a keen interest towards Tor from the start, who in turn already seemed to be instantly attracted to Julie's unique beauty when he first saw her. She is also understanding and doesn't express her feelings so much, however, she is naturally kind. She didn't get upset with Tor when Lilith asked him to be his Duo and she is also very calm. She is willing to listen to Tor and his problems and because of this, the one she is most open to and can trust is Tor because of their Duo relationship and that they have similar goals.


Julie, from what she's said, was a happy little girl living with her mother and father. When she was little, her father was killed by an unknown person right in front of her eyes. The same person also put a scar on her back which reminds her why she is at Kouryou Academy and what her goal is.


Volume 1, Chapter 1: To This Shield--[]

During the Qualification Ceremony, Julie walked into the hall last and shocked everyone with her beauty. The students later learned that they had to fight the person sitting next to them and that the winner will be allowed to enroll into the school. During the fight, Julie finished off her opponent and was watching Tor fight and saw him use a move that made her look in awe, the Mjolnir (Thunder God's Strike). After the fight, Julie becomes interested in Tor.



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Her Blaze is a Sword Type known as "Twin Blades" or ''Double Blades'' (ツイン・ブレード Tsuinburēdo). She is shown to be able to make quick consecutive slashes to put pressure on her enemies, and also very adept at swordplay.

Wind Jerzu[]

The true power of Julie's Blaze. With this she can step/kick the air and maneuver midair which allows her to avoid attacks coming from the skies and attack airborne opponents.

Julie's Fang (Curse of the Fang)[]

She turns into this form whenever she is reminded of her father's death. With this, her speed and her Twin Blade are improved as well. As she turns into this form, she also takes damage herself.


  • She is also an Avenger. meaning she wants to avenge her fathers death and for the scar left to remind her
  • In the Manga and Japanese Version, her name is Yurie; however, in the American Dub (and some Subbed versions) her name is Julie (the reason for that is that her name is spelled yu-ri-e, ユリエ、in Japanese)
  • She has a habit of saying "Ja" ("yes") which is Danish/Swedish/Norwegian/German/Dutch and "Nej" ("no"), which means no in Danish/Swedish/Norwegian
  • Her surname is the name of a Swedish Municipality in the Greater Stockholm.
  • Her country of origin is Grimle (the name of Norwegian exclusive neighborhood within the borough Frogner in Oslo). (It is Gimlé, not Grimle, a city or town in Norse mythology where the survivors of Ragnarök are said to live in, and thus my theory is proved by Julie as she says that Thor [or Tor as you are supposed to pronounce it in Japanese] lived near her neighborhood.) *P.S. Thor mentioned here is a powerful god in Norse mythology. Not the Thor from Marvel.
  • Her blood type is A.
  • Her birthday is on April 1st, which is also the day of April Fools.(we know this no need for a point out people)
  • She can't swim.
  • She has a scar on her back which she considers as a "curse"
  • She is not an actual exceed, but an El Awake.
  • She has a hair that moves according to her emotion.
  • Her Duo (Tor) prevents her to use the ability of the curse.
  • She calls her duo 'Thor'.
  • She became easily drunk after eating Rum Raisin gelato.
  • Her pajamas is a white collared shirt.