Tooru KokonoeEdit

- Julie's friend, roommate and also her duo. She thinks that Tooru resembles her father so she pledges to protect him, as Tooru did for her. They are both seeking revenge because they both experienced the unbearable deaths of their loved ones. They both promise to be there for each other until their last breath.

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Lilith BristolEdit

- Julie's friend and also enemy. They're both comrades and classmates, though they are enemies if it's about Tooru because Julie is aware of what Lilith wants. But there are times where they cooperate for the sake of Tooru's happiness.

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Tomoe TachibanaEdit

- She is the first choice of Julie to be her permanent duo, but unfortunately she declined Julie because she partnered with Miyabi. After that, they still became close friends.

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Miyabi HotakaEdit

- Julie's friend. They often talk in the cafeteria when it's breakfast, lunch and dinner with everyone else. Miyabi is anxious around boys because she grew up going to all girls' schools

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Rito TsukimiEdit

- Rito is Julie's teacher but she fought against Julie and Tooru at the time in the first game fight in the Kouryou Academy.

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