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Kouryou Academy
Kouryou Academy.png
Kanji こうりょうがくえん
Romaji Kouryou Gakuen
Location Tokyo, Japan
Novel Debut Chapter 1
Manga Debut Volume 1
Anime Debut Episode 1

Kouryou Academy is a technique training high school where its students battle each other with weapons known as Blaze (焔牙/ブレイズ Bureizu?) as training to become future peacekeepers.

The clock tower.

The Kouryou Academy is located in the northern part of Tokyo Bay, on an island and can only can be accessed through a hanging monorail.

There are Giant Walls surrounding the academy with a single entrance and a giant clock tower can be seen from the outside.

The interior structure of the building of the school and the dormitories are in Gothic style, so some students feel a bit strange about the academy.

The Academy delivers a student card to each student, which works as a credit card and the limited credit per month is 100,000 yen.


Students may not manifest their Blazes inside and outside of the school without the permission of the Academy.


The Academy was created only for a single and sole objective, that is to inject the 《Lucifer》 on students and create Exceeds, and thus reach the Absolute Duo.


  • Tooru and Julie are the first male and female Duo at the Academy.
  • Students may not manifest their Blazes without permission from the Academy, but Interestingly, Lilith is an exception.