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Lilith Bristol is one of the main characters of the series. Lilith a student from the British branch of Kouryou Academy, also called an ≪Exception≫ ((特別(エクセプション Tokubetsu (Ekusepushon), lit., "Special"). A girl with a different kind of Blaze from her peers, she travels to Japan in search of Tooru Kokonoe, who also shares a similar recognition.

She and Sakuya somehow have known each other for a very long time.


Lilith is a beautiful young woman with sapphire blue eyes and red lips. She has long blonde hair. She possesses a fair complexion that fits her status in life. She always wears a red ribbon at the back of her head to style her hair.


Lilith is a daredevil. She is attracted to things that excites her, such as the time when she asked Tooru to go out with her to the theme park and when she jumped from the helicopter to the sea to play with Tooru . She is also a very cheerful and lively person, always wearing a smile on her lips and plays jokes with Tooru that always results in arguments with Julie Sigtuna.

At first Lilith is only interested in Tooru because he is special just like her. But after "feeling his soul" during the Survive battle, she positively believes that Tooru is the right man for her and proclaims that he will be her future husband.

Lilith is also quite bossy, and she is someone that basically does not ask help from anyone else. Although she is selfish and follows her own pace, she basically has a frank sociable personality and because of that, she has a good relationship with the other students. She is childish sometimes and she was acting like a child when she and Tooru went to the amusement park. Lilith acts a little like an 'ojou-sama'.

Sakuya also said that Lilith possesses two masks.


Lilith is an Exception for two reasons. First, unlike Tooru , the irregular that can manifest a shield, Lilith can manifest a ≪Rifle≫. She transfers from a British school to Kouryou Academy to see the irregular that fits to be her Duo.

Second, she belongs to a rich family that owns their own company, the Bristol company. Since the Bristol company invested in the Dawn organization, she is inherently allowed to bypass certain school rules. She also has her own butler whose name is Sarah. She explains that Sarah came from the family that serves as their butlers.


After being informed of the existence of a unique Blaze amongst the student body of Kouryou Academy, Lilith travels to the school, where she immediately locates her target, Tooru Kokonoe. Lilith quickly makes a deal with Tooru about establishing a Duo together, but Tooru refuses. Despite this, Lilith continues trying to win Tooru over despite the fact that Tooru already formed a Duo with Julie Sigtuna.



Lilith is well-known for manifesting a Blaze that breaks the conventions of a typical Blaze. Unlike most common Blazes, which materialize as a straightforward weapon like swords and pole arms, Lilith's Blaze comes in the form of a rifle.


  • She asked Tooru to be her duo twice.
  • Her hobby is hunting due to the circumstance of her family.
  • She kissed Tooru on the cheek. It is her first kiss, along with the first one of the series.
  • Lilith is the only main female character that did not appear in the First episode/Volume.
  • She goes to Death New Land once or twice a month.
  • Her surname is the name of city in South West England, United Kingdom.