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Miyabi Hotaka is one of the female main characters. She came from an all-girls school that results in her fear of the opposite sex (except to old men with gentle atmospheres). Her Duo, Tomoe, continuously supports her at all times; she wants to be strong.

In volume 4, Miyabi accepts a Unit, specifically ≪EII.Libel≫, from Equipment Smith. She aims for more power to protect Tooru, but instead it turns out to be a disaster to the point that she hurts her friends.


Miyabi has short, chestnut brown colored hair tied up into two mini-tails, laid on her shoulders. She has golden - amber eyes and fair skin.

She has a petite body and average height compared to her well-endowed adult-like chest.


Miyabi Hotaka is afraid of all males, except for old men with a gentle air around them, which resulted in her deception by the Equipment Smith. While she is very kind and meek, she always makes loud noises when she is panicking but she always care for her comrades mostly Tooru (whom she fell in love with).

She sees herself as worthless, but is willing to get stronger so she won't push down Tomoe. She is also a quite shy, especially when it comes to Tooru and/or boys.


Having originally gone to an all-girls school, she has a general fear of men. She then switched to Kouryou Academy for reasons not yet stated.


She is first introduced by Tomoe Tachibana, her Duo, during a breakfast. Tooru  soon sees her running, but she collapses due to exhaustion. She tells Tooru that she does not want to hold Tomoe back, because she says she has nothing special about her. Tooru quickly cheers her up by saying that she won't be a hindrance to Tomoe as long as she trains and works hard. She is inspired by his words and begins to work hard at training herself.



Miyabi'sBlaze≫ is a heavy lance with a pyramid shaped head that has jagged edges along the base. Miyabi struggles in using her Blaze not only due to its weight, but also because summoning it alone drains her stamina. Miyabi's lance has been said to be the most powerful in terms of brute-force strength, and while using her Unit, she can use her Blaze efficiently and quickly, making her a deadly adversary. Even without her Blaze, she has been able to push Tooru back and make him struggle against the sheer force of her attacks when he is blocking with his shield.


  • She has the largest bust size out of the females, at a F size bra.
  • She once confessed to Tooru, yet he didn't accept her love (for certain reasons).
  • Her appearance closely resembles Tooru's younger sister, Otoha Kokonoe.