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Momo Kibitsu
Novel | Anime

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Kanji 吉備津 モモ
Romaji Kibitsu Momo
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Blaze Western bow
Personal Status
Affiliations Kouryou Academy
Status Alive
Country Japan
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 1
Anime Episode 6
Japanese Voice Ami Uchida
English Voice Leah Clark

Momo Kibitsu is a supporting character in the series and also a good friend to Miyabi.


Momo Kibitsu has straight, short black hair which reaches to at least her shoulders, and her fringe is very short. Momo has blue eyes and very pale skin.


Momo Kibitsu is much like Miyabi, and that's why they are very good friends. She is very curious and childish, however, Momo has no ill intentions, it is because of her absentminded personality that she said the things she was thinking about, like when she asked Miyabi if she liked Tooru. Almost every girl reacted, except her, and she also have a very dazed tone in her voice.

For her, who has a carefree personality, has forgotten many things in a daily basis and it isn't rare for her to borrow textbooks or notes from her roommate or friends.

However, she is also very cheerful, always wearing a smile on her face. However, she can also be shy and quiet sometimes.





Momo Kibitsu's ≪Blaze≫ is a Western bow (Bow with Arrow, or Archery). She can manifest the shape of an arrow using her mental strength by having her ≪Blaze≫ be the medium. This is similar to how Lilith uses her rifle blaze as a medium for its ammunition.


  • She actually did make a appearance in the anime; when she was fighting against Lilith. She hasn't had a significant introduction in the anime, but she also made some other, smaller appearances, like when she was talked with Tatsu.