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Otoha Kokonoe
Kanji 九重 音羽
Romaji Kokonoe Otoha
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light brown
Personal Status
Relatives Tooru Kokonoe (Older brother)
Status Alive (Clone?)
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 1 (Mentioned)
Volume 10 (First Appearance)
Anime Episode 10 (Shown)
Japanese Voice Manami Tanaka
English Voice Lara Woodhull

Otoha Kokonoe is Tooru's younger sister. She was supposedly killed, years ago, by Sakaki Narukami at the dojo all three of them went to as children, and because of this, Tooru seeks revenge.


Otoha has mid-length brown hair, with a braid on the left side of her head, and she has amber-light brownish eyes, both causing her to resemble her brother quite a bit. Her hair turns pink when she uses her Blaze.


According to Tooru, Otoha was a very cheerful little girl. She was very air-headed, but very kind girl with a very gentle heart. She wanted to play with Tora and Tooru often.


What is known is that when she was very little, she, along with all the other kids at the dojo, (except Tooru and Torasaki, who was absent at the time) were killed by Sakaki. Due to this incident, Tooru enrolled to Kouryou Academy to get stronger.