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Rito Tsukimi
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Rito Anime.png

Kanji 月見 璃兎
Romaji Tsukimi Rito
Gender Female
Nicknames Usa-Sensei (students), Professor Bun-Bun (English Dub)
Hair Color Violet
Eye Color Blue Violet
Blaze ≪Whip blade≫
Personal Status
Affiliations Kouryou Academy
Status Alive
Rank III (With Level Limit)

V (Without Level Limit)

Country Japan
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 1-- Chapter 2 『I am interested in you』
Manga Chapter 3
Anime Episode 1
Japanese Voice Yukari Tamura
English Voice Jennifer McDaniel

Rito Tsukimi is the homeroom teacher for Tooru and Julie in Kouryou Academy. She just graduated from Kouryou Academy, then became a teacher. She knows all the secrets of ≪Blaze≫ and is also an acquaintance of Sakuya Tsukumo, the headmistress of Kouryou Academy.

Since Tooru has a duo of the opposite gender, most of her perverted jokes are directed towards him, which causes misunderstandings around him.


Rito always wear a maid dress with bunny ears that makes her weird in the eyes of her students. She has a long, straight violet hair that reaches her hips,blue-violet eyes,pale skin and she has developed body.She is considered very beautiful and attractive.


Rito has two personalities. The white Usa-sensei (usagi-sensei) and the black Usa-sensei (a nickname given by the students during the time she reveals her true nature).

The white Usa-sensei is the good and cheerful girl. She is naturally curious and also very childish and mischievous. The white Usa-sensei also has very good self confidence and thinks that she is too cute when the students can't talk; in reality, they actually don't know how to react. However, the black Usa-sensei is the foul-mouthed teacher that's always angry and belligerent. She doesn't care if she hurts Tooru or Julie, even when she nearly killed them. She always plays innocent but acts like the black Usa-sensei when Tooru annoys her. This is Rito's true nature, which the headmistress knew about but believed that it would be beneficial to developing the students' skills.

The only common point of the two personalities is both of them always tease Tooru about perverted things, which causes misunderstandings.





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Rito's blaze was at first thought to be a ≪Tebutje≫, but was revealed to actually be a ≪Whipblade≫. 2/3 of the sword’s body is connected with a steel line and can be separated into several blades and was used as a whip.


Her Blaze's true power. Her ≪Whipblade≫ detaches from its hilt spins in the air to her opponents, often in the shape of a ring. She controls the blade with the hilt and can create more than one blade at a time. The skill can also be used to defend against attacks as she used it to deflect a laser shot by K's Destruction that could've destroyed the school's dorm.


  • She is voiced by Yukari Tamura, the same voice actor for Tabane Shinonono of the Infinite Stratos series. Tabane also has bunny ears.