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Tooru Kokonoe[]

- She named Tooru <Irregular> when she personally saw the shield that he created from his soul. She took interest in Kokonoe Tooru because of his unbreakable determination.  She even gave him an injector for his <Sublimation Ceremony> and offers that he can try again if it fails to level him up for payment for saving her but Tooru refuse that took her sympathy and gave him advice. After her kidnapping attempt instead of being depressed or being anxious she said she complete something because of that and it shows some hint that it's about Tooru Kokonoe.

Lilith Bristol[]

- In some hint they seem to be acquaintance for a long time. Sakuya always gave her selfish request granted that cause problems to her and also benefits at the same time. They usually talk alone so that no one can hear.

Rito Tsukimi[]

- One of her acquaintance. Both Rito and Mikuni serves her and always on her side.