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Kanji サラ
Romaji Sarah
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark blue
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Affiliations Butler
Status Alive
Country Japan
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 2-- Chapter 1, 『Lilith=Bristol』
Anime Episode 4
Japanese Voice Nozomi Nishida
English Voice Alex Moore

Sarah is Lilith Bristol's female butler. Sarah comes from a family that serves as their butlers.

Appearance Edit

Sarah has short, straight dark blue hair that comes down to at least somewhere around her chin and brown eyes. She is usually seen with a butler's clothes.

Personality Edit

Sarah's personality has not been revealed that much, but what is known is that she is calm, collected and mature, she always cares for Lilith like a butler should do. She is also very kind and generous, but she doesn't say much. However, she can get irritated on Lilith, as she did when Lilith jumped from the Helicopter to the sea to play with Tooru.

Background Edit

Chronology Edit

Volume 2-- Chapter 1, 『Lilith=Bristol』 Edit

Sarah is seen standing behind Lilith when she invited Tooru to be her ≪Duo≫ (although he later declined). They complimented her tea and they said that it was delicious and then started talking about the ≪Duo≫ thing.

Abilities Edit

Trivia Edit

- Sarah is known for making very good tea.

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