Silent Diva
Kanji サイレント・ディーヴァ
Romaji Sairento Diba


Gender Female
Hair Color turquoise/azure
Eye Color Purple
Personal Status
Status Alive
Media Debut
Anime Episode 10
Japanese Voice Ai Kayano
English Voice Dawn.M.Bennette

Silent Diva is a minor character in the series. She first appeared when Sakuya had the conference in episode 10. Her real name is Beatrix.

Appearance Edit

Silent Diva is a very beautiful young woman, with her turquoise/azure hair coming down to her hips, and she has purple clothes with diamonds on each side of her hair, and she has purple eyes, just like Sakuya.

Personality Edit

She is a very soft spoken girl who wants the best for others.

Background Edit

Although most members of Reign are a secret organization, Silent Diva is the most famous among them all. Her pursuit of the ≪Absolute Duo ≫ can be linked to her goal of medical advancement. She is a princess of a country is eastern Europe and apparently the heir to its throne.

Trivia Edit

  • Sakuya noted that aside from her (being the youngest) Silent Diva is the most out of character among the members of Reign.
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