Blazes Edit

Blaze refers to the weapon manifested from the soul. It is naturally incapable of doing any physical damage instead they do damage to the opponent's soul, which does result in physical pain. However, a 《Blaze》 manifested with killing intent can inflict damage to a human body. At level 《IV》, the 《Blaze's》 true power will be achieved.

Astar Mark Edit

Astar Mark is a mark that appears during the ritual to become an Exceed after taking ≪Lucifer≫ in the body. The mark helps the user summon their ≪Soul≫ which shapes its self into a weapon called a ≪Blaze≫.

Unit Edit

Units are mechanically engineered battle suits that when worn, give abilities that rival the speed and strength of an Exceed. There are different versions of 《Units》 that has various abilities. It is created by Equipment Smith to achieve Absolute Duo. Unit does not usually come with its own weapons which is why Rebels uses conventional weapons.

El Awake Edit

El Awake are individuals like an Exceed who can materialize their souls into weapons called Blaze. However, unlike the Exceed, they didn't inject 《Lucifer》 to summon their blazes. Their ability comes from negative emotions, such as, anger or hatred. They are far more superior in speed and strength than the ordinary Exceed, but they cannot control themselves when they use the power nor recognize allies from foes. However, an 《El Awake's》 power will damage themselves due to their body and mind being unable to keep up with the power.

Duo Edit

Duo are two partners training and studying at Koryo Academy. A 《Duo》 spend most of their time together and even share a dorm.

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