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Tomoe Tachibana knows a lot of martial arts, including judo. She has been praised by the chairman as being a smart and talented student. She always cares for her duo Miyabi, who is very bad with the opposite sex.

She always gives a plate of vegetables to Tooru, because he always eats only meat. She always gives advice to eat vegetables for a balanced diet and to regain stamina and power.


Tomoe has navy blue hair with a yellow headband attached to the side of her hair. She has orange eyes and a fair skin complexion. However, in the anime her eye color was changed to a more light brownish color.

She is said to look like a traditional Japanese woman (nadeshiko), not including her giant breasts, which are always used as a joke along with Miyabi's breasts.


She is never tolerant of idle work. She always wakes others when they're about to sleep in late. She possesses a dignified atmosphere which leads others to think she is very mature. She often gives Tooru a plate of vegetables to balance his diet and maintain his stamina and power.

Despite all the coolness she displays, she grew up not knowing what love is. When she discovered that Miyabi is in love with Tooru, she couldn't give any advice but still kept supporting her in any way she could. She later discovers that she has feelings for Tooru as well although she is not aware of it. She could take care of everything, other than love, in detail, and is good at taking care of others. Although she was a little hard-headed, she was diligent, social, and was seen favorably by others.

In her family's Dojo, she always plays Shogi and practices martial arts.


Being born into the martial arts family of the Tachibana style, Tomoe had devoted most of her childhood training to succeed in the family’s name. Fortunately she was blessed with the talent for martial arts, and the tough training certainly bore fruit, even though it was little by little. However, that became Tomoe’s misfortune. The training of the Tachibana style was to give girls strength that would make males the same age as her run away barefooted.




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Her blaze is a modified kusarigama with one end a sickle and the other end having a sharp dagger like point. The chain is made up of individual shards that are not connected, but acts as if they are.

Martial Arts[]

Tomoe is very skilled in martial arts as she is able to go toe to toe with Julie Sigtuna, who is skilled in her own right and she even trains Tooru in martial arts to help improve his skills.


  • Her Family runs a dojo.
  • She is best skilled at kusarigama and judo.