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Otoha Kokonoe[]

Tooru's little sister. The day that dojo was attacked she was murdered in front of Tooru by Narukami Sakaki. This incident made Tooru's desire to become an Exceed. Ever since that day Tooru has trained to become stronger so that he can kill him and get revenge for his sister. When Julie finds out about this, she tells Tooru that they're both the same "Avengers".


Tomoe Tachibana[]

Tomoe often gives Tooru a plate of vegetables for a healthy balance diet. She became his teacher because of him requesting for some help with moves, both offensively and defensively. Later it's revealed that she likes Tooru unconsciously.

Miyabi Hotaka[]

Miyabi's only male friend. According to her, he is very easy to talk to and very supporting. She fell in love with Tooru because of his kindness and the support he provided her with. When she confessed to him, she misunderstood Tooru's reaction (he simply had a flashback to when his sister died, thus having an image of it being Miyabi dying. He said that he was too weak and feared that he wouldn't be able to save her). But she still doesn’t give up on him and still goes to win his heart.

Lilith Bristol[]

Lilith came to Japan for making Tooru her duo partner. They were not on good term in the beginning but later she kissed Tooru on his cheeks and told him she is going to make him her future husband. After that their relationship is quite mutual.

Rivals and Enemies[]


A prime member of the Rebel <<Unit>>, K is Tooru's most notorious rival whose power and cunning surpasses Tooru and his friends. During Tooru's battle with Lilith, he encountered K as he is about to escort Lilith back to ≪Equipment Smith≫ and using dirty tactics to complete his mission, even using Miyabi as hostage to obtain Lilith. Because K devalues bonds and friendship while willing to hurt his friends (especially Lilith, Julie and Miyabi) for even a slightest chance of victory, Tooru sees him as a bigger threat he must overcome in order to protect his friends.