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Otoha Kokonoe[]

Tooru's little sister. The day that dojo was attacked she was murdered in front of Tooru by Narukami Sakaki. This incident made Tooru's desire to become an Exceed. Ever since that day Tooru has trained to become stronger so that he can kill him and get revenge for his sister. When Julie finds out about this, she tells Tooru that they're both the same "Avengers".

Kouryou Academy[]

Julie Sigtuna[]

Julie is Tooru's <<duo>>. She is a very important person to Tooru, and he is very important to her, because of their time together during the beginning of the school year. They know more about each other than the others know about them. Tooru and Julie are shown to have a huge amount of trust between them. Later on, they both reveal they want revenge for the deaths of their love ones. They always support each other and didn't give up no matter what. In Julie's eyes Tooru is like her father. When the top strand of her hair wiggles, its a sign of enjoyment usually from Tooru's kind words or a pat on the head (which is something her late father did as well). They both seem more than just close friends or anythings due to the fact that Julie always wants to sleep with Tooru and doesn't want him to pay much attention to other girls. As proof, when Tooru was asked by Lilith to pair up with him, she was so desperate to prove herself in Survive game that she didn't time her attacks as per the plan and ends up failing in attacking. And the fact that they are really inseparable. From the starting to the ending of the anime. It is still unknown in which way Tooru sees Julie.

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Lilith Bristol[]

Lilith is one of Tooru's close friends at the academy. When Tooru ends up getting in a bad situation, she is always there to save him in the nick of time. In her first appearance, Lilith is shown taking a bath in a waterfall when her butler appears and tells her of a boy who attends Kouryou Academy who's like her, an <<Irregular>>. She travels to Kouryou Academy and meets Tooru, asking him in a forceful manner to be her <<Duo>>, which he rejects saying he already has a duo and isn't planning on leaving her side. The next time they meet, she invites Tooru to go out with her to amusement park. After roaming around till the night when Lilith asks Tooru again to be her duo,Tooru rejects and she slaps him for rejecting her 2 times.

After the rejection Lilith challenges Tooru to a Survive game and if Tooru loses he must become her <<Duo>>

After the <<Survive>> game that she made to challenge Tooru, he wins. She falls deeply in love with Tooru and proclaims that she has decided to make Tooru her future husband and that she will definitely make him fall in love for her.

Tooru indeed seems to be caring about her and is considerate about her feelings for him as he apologizes when she says that she is jealous of his reaction when he finds out Julius is discharged from hospital. He is seem not defying to the statement that she said this is all I can do for my future spouse. It is still unknown how he really feels about Lilith.

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Tomoe Tachibana[]

Tomoe is one of Tooru's first friends upon entering the academy. Every day when Tooru heads for the cafeteria for a meal, if he get's a lot of meat, Tomoe always tells him to eat some vegetables because she worries about her friends' health. Later after the events of volume 1 when the gang was attacked by Tsukumo, Tooru asks Tachibana to become his teacher to improve his attack and defense. Later without knowing it herself, Tomoe ends up falling in love with Tooru.

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Miyabi Hotaka[]

A very important friend of Tooru's, not in a very special way though. He always supports her because he knows she will become stronger one day. On the island, Miyabi confesses to him and accidentally misunderstands Tooru's facial expression, making her run away. Even though he was happy with her feelings. Prior the "Killing Game" in the Kouryou Academy, Miyabi accepts the power <<Ell.Libel>> and attacks her friends because of her obsession over Tooru.

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Sakuya Tsukumo[]

She took interest to Tooru because of his <<blaze>> and his unbreakable determination. After her kidnapping attempt she reveals that she must achieve something. Because of this, it is hinted to be connected to Tooru.

She gave Tooru a cylinder injector for his <<Sublimation Ceremony>> and if it fails she will just give him another one after practice for the payment for the debt of saving her. But Tooru rejected it saying he will never accept it if he will be the only one receiving it with his friends being left out. Sakuya became delighted that she had a student like him and gave Tooru some advice that this world would flash its fangs at him.

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Aoi Torasaki[]

Tora is shown to be a very straight forward friend to Tooru, but from time to time shows kindness which is shown a lot during the school battles. They both grew up in the same dojo along with Tooru's little sister but Aoi left the dojo before one incident that ended up killing Tooru's sister.

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Imari Nagakura[]

She is the first person that Tooru meets during the Qualification Ceremony for Kouryou Academy. During the ceremony, Chairman Sayuka announces that each student must fight each other one on one with the winner being allowed to enter the academy. Imari and Tooru on friendly terms battle it out to enter the academy. Unfortunately, she loses and is sent home. Later in volume 3, it's revealed that those who failed the<<Qualification Ceremony>> have been assigned to an island. When Miyabi asked whether she loves Tooru, she says that they both became very friendly easily and if she was still with him... she didn't complete it but it is hinted that she might have developed feelings towards Tooru at the starting but it was interrupted due to them getting separated and being put in different branches.

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Rito Tsukimo[]

A teacher with double personalities. During the <<New Blade Battle>>, she shows her other personality that wants to fight and kill. She proclaims that it's only a job to kill some of the students. When Tooru and Julie are fighting with Rito, she is shown to be giving them a hard time because of their differences, making her look down on them. Because of this, the fight ends with her defeat. After the fight, Rito starts to take an interest in Tooru.

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He is one of his teachers.

Rivals and Enemies[]


A prime member of the Rebel <<Unit>>, K is Tooru's most notorious rival whose power and cunning surpasses Tooru and his friends. During Tooru's battle with Lilith, he encountered K as he is about to escort Lilith back to ≪Equipment Smith≫ and using dirty tactics to complete his mission, even using Miyabi as hostage to obtain Lilith. Because K devalues bonds and friendship while willing to hurt his friends (especially Lilith, Julie and Miyabi) for even a slightest chance of victory, Tooru sees him as a bigger threat he must overcome in order to protect his friends.

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