Otoha Kokonoe Edit

Tooru's little sister. The day that dojo was attacked she was murdered in front of Tooru by Narukami Sakaki. This incident made Tooru's desire to become an Exceed. Ever since that day Tooru has trained to become stronger so that he can kill him and get revenge for his sister. When Julie finds out about this, she tells Tooru that they're both the same "Avengers".


Rivals and Enemies Edit

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A prime member of the Rebel <<Unit>>, K is Tooru's most notorious rival whose power and cunning surpasses Tooru and his friends. During Tooru's battle with Lilith, he encountered K as he is about to escort Lilith back to ≪Equipment Smith≫ and using dirty tactics to complete his mission, even using Miyabi as hostage to obtain Lilith. Because K devalues bonds and friendship while willing to hurt his friends (especially Lilith, Julie and Miyabi) for even a slightest chance of victory, Tooru sees him as a bigger threat he must overcome in order to protect his friends.


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