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Valeria Carlyle
Kanji ヴァレリアカーライル
Romaji Vareria Kārairu
Gender Female
Nicknames Stellar
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Personal Status
Media Debut
Light Novel Volume 5, Prolgue

Valeria Carlyle is an ≪Exceed≫ who found Julie and reported her case to Kouryou Academy. She is responsible for sending Julie to the school. She has the nickname ≪Stellar≫


Valeria has long, flowing, scarlet-red hair and blue eyes.



She discovered Julie years ago before the start of the story. She was out on a mission to capture some criminals who crossed a country's boundaries near Gimle. There she encounter Julie in her <Black Beast> mode. Not wanting to fight she put her hands in the air indicating she doesn't want to fight. But the berserk Julie come at her. Being a high level <Exceed> she was able to fight on par with Julie who seems to be stronger than a regular <Exceed>. She was able to defeat her due to Julie being unable to control her strength and speed. She brought Julie to the Dawn Organization to meet Professor Tsukumo. Then they were able to Identify Julie as an <El Awake>.


  • Along with Rito and Mikuni, she is the only named <Exceed> noted to be on a higher level (Probably level IV or beyond).
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